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Samix TRX-4M Brass Servo Mount (Black) (11g) (Traxxas/EcoPower) – SAMTRX4M4068

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Samix TRX-4M Brass Servo Mount. This heavy duty mount is constructed from CNC machined brass giving the TRX-4M a strong servo mounting solution that will not flex like the stock unit. With the ability to hold up to high torque servos, the Samix brass servo mount can be used with the stock TRX-4M servo along with the EcoPower 640T for a more rugged upgrade. With the use of brass materials, this mount adds an additional 11g of weight to the front of the vehicle helping to lower the center of gravity as well as increase the forward weight bias for improved crawling performance. Package includes one brass servo mount with mounting hardware.


  • CNC machined billet brass material coated in a black finish
  • Adds 11 grams of weight to the front axle
  • More durable than stock plastic mount
  • Will not flex like stock mount when a high torque servo is used
  • Direct fit for the factory TRX-4M servo and EcoPower 640T
Part Number: SAMTRX4M4068
Manufacturer: Samix


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