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Broadway Limited HO Class GS-4 4-8-4 – Sound and DCC – Paragon4(TM) — Southern Pacific #4444 (Postwar Daylight, black, orange, red Larger Lettering

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This Broadway Limited Class GS-4 4-8-4 steam locomotive is based on the Southern Pacific GS-4 “Northern” type steam locomotives in service from 1941 to 1958. The SP owned a total of 28 GS-4 engines, numbered 4430 through 4457. The GS-4s were quite similar to the SP Class GS-3s, except with the GS-4, the SP introduced a dual-headlight casing, with the top light being a Mars light, and also the GS-4 had an all-weather cab.
The GS-4 locomotives were designed and primarily used for passenger service. They were capable of reaching high speeds, and wore the colorful Daylight paint scheme to match Daylight passenger cars. Some of the engines were painted black during WWII austerity conditions, and most of them were eventually painted black later in life. This GS-4 model has full Paragon4 sound and DCC for realistic, reliable sound and motor control. The Paragon4 sound system works with all Broadway Limited Rolling Thunder(TM) advanced sound systems. Other features include a smooth-running flywheel-equipped drive, roadname-appropriate and era-appropriate detailing and magnetic knuckle couplers. The GS-4 can be operated on all DCC systems as well as on standard DC railroads (with limited sound functionality). This model has wheels profiled to operate on Code 70 and larger rail and curves of 18″ radius but larger curves are recommended.